creative is critical

cars go fast (by Zack Ellenbogen)

Zach’s Final project.


my video was featured by the HPA! 


DJ’ing is evolving towards this. pretty cool if you ask me. also very much reminiscent to ipad type apps to mess around with sound but WAY doper. note the date too… 2009 interesting..

There’s a version of this on the iPad. Works on phones too…strangely enough. Takes some getting used to for new interfaces like this….the demo makes it look easy.



I can look at this NYC income map for hours. Fascinating stuff.

This is hell of fascinating or interesting. It’s not a video; if you click play, you get an interactive map.


More on ferrofluids


hmm I can’t tell if I should film this again so that the sound isn’t so gritty or shorten the time between words

All in all, I think I kind of like it.

I don’t mind the ambient noise. Perhaps better lighting might be good….and I’d like to see a version that played more with the pacing….not just faster cuts all the time….maybe most should be faster , with less space between the sounds, but also occasionally having extensive pauses. Just my two cents.   Oh also, what does it mean or how would it change it to have it on a loop or to screen it in a public show with other videos?


Occupy Everything


Christine Sun Kim is a deaf performance artist who explores the physicality of sound in her art. Her lo-fi experimentation explore the ownership of sound. The hearing assume ownership of sound in a way that leaves out the consideration of ownership.

This was made by the Selby…whose work continues to get better and better.

My new heroine. This is for Walker.


home cities of protesters arrested at the Nov 30 eviction of Occupy LA. data cleaned up a bit, but a couple locations couldn’t be properly geocoded (Needway, CA?).

For Sarah.


Occupy Everything